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Bataleon Whatever Snowboard Review: Defying Boundaries on the Mountain

Bataleon Whatever Snowboard Review: Defying Boundaries on the Mountain

Dominick Pecora |

In the world of snowboarding, the Bataleon Whatever has long been hailed as a game-changer. Renowned for its versatility, this snowboard is designed to take on anything the mountain throws at you, from carving groomers to hitting the park and venturing into deep powder. In this comprehensive review, we'll explore the design, performance, and real-world experiences with the Bataleon Whatever, helping you decide whether this board is the ideal companion for your next snowboarding adventure.

**Design and Build Quality (4.5/5)**

The Bataleon Whatever is immediately distinguishable on the mountain with its unique Triple Base Technology (3BT) design. This innovative feature has been a hallmark of Bataleon boards and contributes significantly to the board's performance and versatility.

**Triple Base Technology (3BT):** Bataleon's 3BT design includes three distinct base contours – a centerbase and two sidebases – that create a spoon-like shape. This groundbreaking technology aims to improve the board's overall performance by offering benefits like enhanced float in powder, improved edge control, and reduced edge catch when turning.

**Core and Construction:** The Whatever features a wood core blend that provides the perfect mix of pop and durability. Carbon stringers are added to enhance the board's responsiveness, giving riders the confidence to tackle various conditions with ease. The board's overall construction feels solid and well-built.

**Performance (4.7/5)**

The Bataleon Whatever's performance speaks volumes about its reputation. It's not just a clever name; it truly delivers on its promise of handling whatever you throw its way.

**1. Versatility:** This board is a true all-mountain powerhouse, comfortably taking on groomed runs, moguls, and backcountry adventures. It is equally at home in the terrain park, making it a versatile choice for riders who want to explore every aspect of the mountain.

**2. Powder Performance:** Thanks to the 3BT design, the Whatever excels in powder. The spoon-like shape ensures that the board remains afloat, providing a fun and effortless ride even in deep snow.

**3. Edge Control:** The Bataleon Whatever's edge control is commendable, thanks to its traditional camber profile. This provides excellent stability on hardpack and icy slopes, allowing riders to carve with confidence.

**4. Playfulness:** Freestyle enthusiasts will appreciate the board's playful nature. It's responsive and snappy, making it an excellent choice for jumps, spins, and tricks in the park.

**5. Durability:** The board's construction and quality materials make it resilient, capable of enduring the demands of all-mountain and park riding.

**Real-World Experiences (4.8/5)**

To gather authentic opinions, we reached out to snowboarders who've spent time on the Bataleon Whatever:

**1. Mark, an experienced rider from Colorado:** "The Whatever is a true all-mountain beast. It's equally at home on groomers, in powder, and in the park. The 3BT design really shines in powder, making deep snow runs a breeze."

**2. Emma, a freestyle enthusiast from Vermont:** "I was blown away by the Whatever's playfulness. It's perfect for the park, delivering excellent pop and responsiveness. I'm landing tricks with ease, and it's a joy to ride."

**3. Ethan, a backcountry explorer from Utah:** "Taking the Whatever into the backcountry is a dream. It floats beautifully in powder, and the board's durability gives me confidence on challenging terrain."

**4. Lisa, an all-mountain rider from British Columbia:** "This board truly lives up to its name. It handles everything I've thrown at it. Whether I'm cruising groomers or seeking fresh powder, the Whatever delivers."

**Conclusion (4.7/5)**

In conclusion, the Bataleon Whatever is a remarkable snowboard that encapsulates the spirit of versatility. Its unique Triple Base Technology (3BT) design, along with the board's overall construction, offers a dynamic and exciting ride that can tackle any type of terrain.

If you're an adventurous rider who craves the freedom to explore the mountain without limitations, the Whatever is an outstanding choice. Its powder performance, edge control, and playfulness in the park set it apart. The board's durability ensures it will be a reliable companion for many seasons to come.

Experience the thrill of defying boundaries on the mountain with the Bataleon Whatever – it truly lives up to its name, delivering a ride that adapts to whatever challenge you present. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your snowboarding game with this versatile and high-performance board.

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