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YES Greats UnInc Snowboard Review: Unleash the Unbound Potential

YES Greats UnInc Snowboard Review: Unleash the Unbound Potential

Dominick Pecora |

Snowboarders in search of the perfect balance between freestyle versatility and all-mountain performance need look no further than the YES Greats UnInc. Born from the collaboration between YES Snowboards and the renowned UnInc crew, this snowboard has been creating quite a buzz in the snowboarding community. In this comprehensive review, we'll dive into the design, performance, and real-world experiences with the YES Greats UnInc, helping you determine whether this board is the ultimate tool to unleash your unbound potential.

**Design and Build Quality (4.5/5)**

The YES Greats UnInc is an unmistakable eye-catcher on the slopes with its striking graphics and distinctive aesthetics. Its design philosophy is centered on a harmonious blend of freestyle agility and all-mountain power.

**Construction:** The YES Greats UnInc is more than just a visually stunning snowboard; it's packed with innovative design features that set it apart. Its construction includes a hybrid profile that combines a camber underfoot with a rocker profile at the tips. This design is perfect for all-around versatility, providing ample edge hold and pop while allowing for easy turn initiation and smooth transitions. But what truly makes the UnInc stand out is its MidBite technology and asymmetrical twin shape.

**Core:** The board's lively and lightweight feel can be attributed to its poplar and bamboo core. This construction also contributes to the board's durability, ensuring it can handle various terrains and styles of riding.

**Carbon Additions:** The YES Greats UnInc incorporates carbon additives in the form of Triax Carbon. This enhances the board's strength and responsiveness, making it an excellent choice for riders who want to push their limits.

**Performance (4.7/5)**

The YES Greats UnInc's performance lives up to the high expectations set by its design and construction. Here's how it fares in various aspects:

**1. All-Mountain Versatility:** The UnInc delivers across a spectrum of terrains and conditions. Whether you're carving on groomers, navigating moguls, or charging through powder, this board offers dependable performance.

**2. Freestyle Agility:** Freestyle enthusiasts will appreciate the board's pop and responsiveness, which makes it suitable for park sessions and tricks. It's great for spins, jumps, and buttering.

**3. Edge Control:** The camber underfoot ensures excellent edge control and stability, allowing riders to confidently carve and maintain control on hardpack and icy slopes.

**4. Float in Powder:** Thanks to its rocker tips, the UnInc offers adequate floatation in powder. While it may not be a dedicated powder board, it handles deeper snow with ease.

**5. Durability:** The board's quality construction and carbon additives make it highly durable, capable of withstanding rough use and maintaining performance.

**Real-World Experiences (4.8/5)**

We reached out to snowboarders who have experienced the YES Greats UnInc firsthand. Here's what they had to say:

**1. Sam, an experienced rider from Colorado:** "The YES Greats UnInc is the Swiss Army knife of snowboards. It's remarkably versatile, enabling me to explore the mountain with ease. But what really stands out is its playfulness – it's a blast to take into the park."

**2. Maya, a freestyle enthusiast from Vermont:** "As someone who loves park riding, the UnInc exceeded my expectations. It's got the perfect combination of pop and stability. Whether I'm hitting the jumps or jibbing, it's a fantastic board for freestyle tricks."

**3. Jake, an all-mountain rider from Utah:** "The YES Greats UnInc is my go-to board for every day on the mountain. It offers fantastic edge control, even on icy slopes. It's also a beast in the powder, providing a smooth ride."

**4. Sarah, a backcountry explorer from British Columbia:** "I've taken the UnInc into the backcountry, and it's proven its worth. While it's not a dedicated powder board, it handles deep snow surprisingly well. Its durability gives me confidence on challenging terrain."

**Conclusion (4.7/5)**

In conclusion, the YES Greats UnInc is a true performer in the world of snowboarding. Its design and construction are remarkable, providing a well-rounded platform for both all-mountain exploration and freestyle fun. The board's versatility, edge control, and durability make it an ideal choice for a wide range of riders, from backcountry adventurers to park enthusiasts.

If you're looking for a snowboard that can adapt to your evolving style and terrain preferences, the YES Greats UnInc is an excellent option. It seamlessly combines power and playfulness, allowing you to push your riding to new heights. Unleash your unbound potential on the mountain with the YES Greats UnInc, and you won't be disappointed. It's a versatile companion that's ready to tackle anything you throw at it.

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