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Proctor's Reward Program

Proctor's Reward Program is a reward program designed to generate instant rewards on all in-store and online transactions. It's so easy to join and use. 

What Are The Benefits? Since we value our loyal customers, we decided to give back 4% in store credit on all transactions. You'll instantly get 4% back no matter what the amount is. No minimum amount required to start earning rewards.

How Can You Spend The Rewards? Once earned, the rewards are yours. They never expire. You can choose to spend or collect them.  

Who Can Join? Anyone who's 18 years or older can join Proctor's Rewards Program for free.

How Can You Join In-store? If you haven't already, join in-store for absolutely free. You don't need a card or a code to earn rewards. So what are you waiting for?

How Does It Work in store? At check-out, all you have to do is give your name. All data kept in the system. Your account will automatically store your rewards; so you don't have to keep track of them. It's that easy!

How Can You Join Online? Click " Proctor's Rewards Program", a white floating window that you see on the bottom right of your screen. Just follow the super easy "sign up" instructions and start earning Rewards instantly. Our online program works slightly different than the in-store's, but they're both free to join and give you the same exact rewards ( 4% ). If you need help setting up your account, please let us know.

What's the advantage of our online Proctor's Rewards Program? If you shop online frequently you can earn instant rewards for every dollar spent. Upon signup, Proctor will welcome you with a complimentary 100 Proctor Points which gives you a %4 discount that you can use on your very first purchase. Every 1 Dollar Spent equals 1 Proctor Point. And every 100 Proctor Points earned will give you a discount of 4%.

How Can You Earn More online Proctor Points? You can earn rewards on every dollar you spend at Or on every Facebook or Twitter Shares (50 Proctor Points Each) or Likes (100 Proctor Points). It's that easy. For more options, just check how you can earn rewards in your account or Contact Us.

How Can You Spend online Proctor Points? At check out, you have the option to use an exclusive coupon, that is linked to your own account. The Coupon is available, once you collect your first 100 Proctor Points. You can use the Complimentary Proctor Points that you earn upon signup on your very first transaction. The more points you have, the more coupon options you get.

Can You See Your online Proctor Points? Yes, you can easily track your Proctor Points in your account. And we will send you an email to notify you about any of your exclusive online coupons or you can opt that option and just look for any available coupon at check out.

*Customers accounts are confidential and the data is never revealed to any third parties.*

For more info, please don't hesitate to contact us!