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Ski Boot Fitting Proctor Style

We all work to help you find are warm, comfortable ski boots and give you the performance you want.
Shop in our store and not on out web site if possible for ski boots.  Bring the clean and dry lighter weight ski socks you ski in or buy a new pair from us. Sliding a damp sock into a ski boot is difficult and since boot liners compact as you ski in them a heavy sock may make you purchase boots that become too big after skiing for a while.  Bring your old boots if you wish..
We start with a chat about you and your needs.  Questions like:
Why do you want new ski boots?  What issues have you had with other ski boots? How aggresive a skier are you? Are there any medial conditions we should know about. Is color a factor? Are you interested in alpine touring? Are there boots your are thinking about?
Finally we measure your feet with a Sidas Ski boot sizing device.  Oh we can see some interesting things.      
  Proctor Ski and Board measuring feet.
Oh,  no problem we can work with your interesting feet.  We prefer that we measure your feet sitting. The boot will fit better with your feet  measuresd in the unweighted mode. We will ask your to stand and if your foot grows much longer we will suggest a Siddas footbed to control pronation. We think insoles help feet stay in the best shape for the stresses of skiing no matter your foot type. We wish you not use the stock insoles!
                                         We measure your feets widths boots today come in narrow, average and wide.  As you can see with the skier about feet are not always he same size. With her narrow heels we will try to
put her in the smaller boot and stretch or grind the left boot for more length.
We will measure width with the Sidas device and suggest a width.Narrow is around 98-99, average 100-101, wide 102- 104. This is not a rule since the published width is only for size 26.5 and it gets wider as the shell size goes up and narrower as the size goes down. Also there is no internatnation standard and boots from different companes will feel different Also, many boots like Atomic ,K2 and Salomon have shells that can be expanded in a special oven.
Atomic Ski Boot Moulding Oven
About this time we start finding boots for you to try on we ask about how aggresive you ski,
where you like to ski, and of course price. We need you input to work as a team.
Your boot should be snug and feel a little tight. The liner will compact a little when you ski.
  • Toes are just barely not touching the end of the boot when ankles and knees are flexed.
  • No space between the top of the instep and ceiling of the boot.
  • The heel is firmly locked into the heel pocket.
  • Cuff firmly envelopes shin and calf.
  • Ski boots are not made for walking so standing making skiing movement is best.

Great fitting ski Boots from Proctor Ski & board

We have boots that are very easy to put on like the Nordica HF and the  new Rossignol Vision


Here is a video about putting  ski boost on.  Note  it is very difficult to put ski boots on when you are sitting down.

When you find a boot you like we can mold the liner and sometimes the shell. We would rather you ski in the boot for a few days before we stretch the shell although we can. If a boot fits great out of the box you can just ski in it. Sometimes molding the liner may make the boot fit less well We work with you.

Ehrn you are ready to buy we need your skis so we can adjuct your boots to your bindings. The is free of charge. When you ski in new boots it may help the  fit to ski a couple of hours in the new boots and then go in the lodge and take them off for a bit. They almost always feel better when you go out the second time,

Thank you for reading and see you in my store..Jeff Proctor.