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Your Kids Hitting The Slopes: Let's Get Them Ready! (Leasing or Buying Ski/ Snowboard Equipment)

The best junior ski/ snowboard  lease program in NH & MA

Diana Smith |

It's your kids' first ski trip ever! You're so excited, but overwhelmed. You're not a skier. You don't know what equipment to get. You're anxious. It is very understandable. Every parent wants their kids to be safe and happy. And It is very important to be able to find the right crew that will help you make that first trip a super happy and successful one.

There are so many brands out there that compete fiercely to win you. It gets pretty confusing sometimes with all the new technologies, styles, sizes, shapes, models..etc etc 

The first thing you need to know is that you have options. But those options are valueless if none meets the needs and abilities of your kids. 

To buy or to lease, now that's the question!

Best Junior Ski & Snowboard Lease in New Hampshire and Mass

There's no straight, one answer to such a question. It's a matter of preference and budget. However, we, at Proctor Ski & Board, recommend leasing for several reasons, among which:

1- Kids outgrow equipment: When you lease, you just replace the equipment every season [even during the same season]. It's hassle free and easy. We at Proctor ski, have a group of fitting experts who are experienced with working with kids and responsible for offering the right boots and skis or snowboard.

2- Leasing is cheaper: When you lease, you make sure that your kids will have the right boot fit and ski/ snowboard size every season without overpaying. Your kids get to use the best equipment from best brands . You get to choose to lease either gently used or new. 

3- Free Junior Season Pass: With every junior lease, your kid will get a free junior season pass. We at Proctor Ski, offer Junior Bretton Woods Season Pass valued at more than $400 to all kids up to 12 years old. Kids under 5 don't need passes. Bretton Woods is a great ski resort that is family friendly. Parents get to buy their tickets at discounted rates and benefit as well from many offers at Bretton Woods.
However, if you choose to buy the skis from us, we have a trade in program and your kids will still get the Junior Season Pass to Bretton woods.

4- Kids Enjoy The Gear: We will help your kids perform better, by listening to your needs and providing the right fit that will help them achieve the target performance. They will enjoy the ski trip!

5- No More Waiting In Line: You don't have to wait forever at the ski resorts to get equipment for your kids. It is very stressful. One stop at Proctor Ski is what you need to be ski ready for the season.   

6- No Storage, No Responsibility : You don't have to worry about storing, fixing or maintaining the leased skis/ Snowboards. We, at Proctor Ski will be responsible for storing off season and for maintaining them during the season.

7- Other Deals & Offers: With every lease, you get as well lots of deals [ such as free lift tickets to Pats Peak ] and in-store discounts [ 10% off accessories and apparel ].

Best Junior Ski Lease in NH & MA

 The list really goes on. It is very subjective. Leasing ski or snowboard equipment is super affordable and practical. It is a great way to monitor your kids' safety and ensure that the equipment are well maintained, stored and handled.

So you don't need to stress out. ACT NOW! Choose today the program that fits your needs and our experts will take care of you! It is very important to choose the right place that is ethical and experienced with kids and provides good quality, safe and well maintained used or new equipment. We are located at 195 Daniel Webster highway at Nashua NH, about 40 mins away from Boston Ma.

Fill out the attached form TODAY to know more about our Junior Ski or Snowboard program and secure your Free Junior Season Pass(es) to Bretton Woods. Claim Your Free Junior Season Pass to BRetton woods before the offer ends soon! 





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