The skis we hope you will buy have changed.

Jeff Proctor on ski selection.

My family has long been involved in ski racing with family members skiing at the National level. We love racing and carving skis that arc from the tip. This type of ski is still great for hard snow skiing and arcing turns but  heavy and more work to ski in unforgiving snow conditions.

Last year in April I took 4 pair of skis to Killington to see what let me ski longer with more fun. Conditions were firm at the top tuning to bumps and soft snow at the bottom. All ski were fine on the groomed snow. However as the snow got softer the narrow slalom skis grabbed often and made for lots of corrections as the ski tried to over turn. This soon made for rest stops.

A wider system carving ski was better but still a lot of work. Better but not what I was seeking.


Up next was a 100 mm wide non system ski with some rocker. It was better the best  of the day so far, Lots lighter and pretty acceptable. Probably a great ski in powder.


Finally, I used a K2 Pinnacle 95 with lots of rocker. Wow I was like a much better skier . Skied faster more relaxed and a lot longer before stopping for a rest. Really amazing.


We know this ski is not for everyone but for people that ski for fun in all types of snow a wider,  non system with some rocker will be more lighter, safer, more fun and open doors to skiing more than groomed runs on perfect snow. We have a wide selection from all the major brands that we want to show you. Later in the year we will have the Pinnacle 95 for you to demo.





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