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You deserve Happy Feet.

You deserve Happy Feet.

Jeff Proctor |

Some of you have pain in your ski boots. Some of you find your feet slide around in your boots and your heels lift. Some of you have cramps. Skis are hard to control.  The list of issues goes on and on. There are many things we can do to make your boots fit better. We have tools for grinding and stretching; but like to start by having you in a socks designed for skiing and trying Superfeet insoles. The insoles often eliminate pain on the inside ankle bone and help alignment which takes stress of the knees and hips. Here is a good video that shows how Superfeet support your feet. We recommend them even in new boots and in other foot wear. Let us help you get  Happy feet. 😄

Superfeet Green Animation-HD from Superfeet on Vimeo.


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