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Ski Boots: Fit For The Most Comfort You've Ever Had

Ski Boots: Fit For The Most Comfort You've Ever Had

James R |

Nashua's Bootfitting Experts


The ski boot is the make or break for any day of skiing. Here at Proctor Ski and Board, we strive to continue to deliver the best fitting and performing ski boots, and over the past few years we’ve been adding to and refining our arsenal of tools, techniques, and products to that end. In all likelihood, you or someone you ski with has a boot that is letting them down in some way. For example:

Do you end ski days early because of discomfort?

Have your boots failed to keep your feet warm?

Is your foot shifting around and do you need more control over your skis?

Are your current favorite ski boots getting long in the tooth?

If any of these questions ring a bell for you or your ski buddy, read on about what we’ve been up to and how we’re going to help you get the best ski days of your life.

The Perfect Insoles

The foundation of a boot’s fit is the support we give our feet and we’re stoked to announce Custom Insoles are back at Proctor Ski and Board! In addition to the several shapes of aftermarket insoles we’ve been receiving rave reviews on, the full custom option rounds out our ability to align and support the most unique foot and ankle shapes.

Heated Boots!

The days of frigid feet are far forgotten! We carry an array of heating options from Hotronics. The versatile heated socks, thin enough to not affect your boot’s fit, and usable for all your winter activities, have become a fast favorite of many. However, the XLP 2C BT (catchy name, thanks Hotronics) is what we’ve been spending a lot of time in and cannot get enough of. Sporting 24 hours of continuous heat, this thinner than paper heating element and battery suck the cold right out of winter.

The Ultimate Custom Liner

Performance has a new name; Atomic Mimic Professional. Atomic has painstakingly crafted this custom foam injected liner for the long awaited pairing of high performance with immediate comfort. Using their Mimic heat molding construction, and their second generation of foam injectable pockets, this liner, more flawlessly than we’ve ever felt, connects every last curve and contour of your foot with your boot’s shell.

Lastly, the boot companies we choose to carry have been hard at work on their end innovating ways to make your ski days better. The technologies they’ve developed are far too many to name here (this is already longer than I meant it to be) but there are a few we’re excited to mention here.  First, boa on ski boots which after strong initial skepticism and some aggressive testing, we’ve been left impressed and excited to share it with you all. Additionally, the walk modes every brand has been working on have become surprisingly good at both walking and skiing. Many of us here daily such a boot because we can’t feel a difference unless we’re running gates, and why not make that trudge across the parking lot carrying 3 peoples skis a bit easier? We’re also ever more impressed with the plethora of quick and effective heat molding features for all boot liners we carry and many of the shells we carry too!

These techniques, products, and more will deliver the best days you've had on the slopes. If you have any questions, contact us and we hope to set you up with the perfect boot soon!

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