Look NX 7 GW Lifter Ski Bindings 2022 - Boys'

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The Look NX 7 Lifter Ski Bindings  use lightweight toe pieces with NX heels together to deliver strong power transmission and fluid shock absorption with an easy step-in design. The Full Drive Concept toe design allows upward release independent of the heel for the most dynamic release in the event of a fall. The binding's overall lightweight construction makes skiing and carrying skis easier.

It's compatible with adult ISO 5355 and GripWalk® boot soles


  Toes  Upward release that fit GripWalk or flat boot soles.

  Heels Light easy and easy to step in

  Brakes 73mm

  DIN  2-7

  Plate comes with an integrated lifter for junior racers.

Best for

The Look NX 7 lifted is a good binding for lighter weight aggressive junior skiers. Wider brakes can be ordered.