K2 Maysis Clicker X HB Snowboard Boots 2021

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- $-399.00

K2 Maysis Clicker X HB Snowboard Boots 2021 is finally sold here at Proctor Ski & Board. We are proudly the only store in New Hampshire to sell the K2 step in system. This is a boot and binding combo sold together. The binding that is apart of the combo is called the K2 Clicker X HB Snowboard Clicker, which is also sold in our store.

The Maysis would be best fit for a more experience rider. The boot is very stiff because of the Endoskeleton construction for  support. This allows the boot to be very responsive. The Maysis may be stiff but it is very comfortable because of the double boa system. The boa on the front allows for the front wires to be tightened to preference. The Boa on the side tightens the Conda ankle systems. This allows a secure pressure to wrap around the ankle area of the boot liner. This will keep the heel in place to encourage more precise carves. The strap at the top will tighten the boot around the shin to restrict forward movement. 

How the step in system works:

The bottom of the boot has a compartment to allow the cleat of the biding to click into. The is another on the heel. This process is very simple. The rider simply needs to step on top of the binding. Then CLICK there you are safely connected to the board.  

Pro Tip: Use the cleat on the bottom of the boot to pop off bottle caps!