Proctor's Shop Services

Montana Crystal One Machine- Ski/ Board Tune ups


If you're looking to have your skis or snowboards, tuned, waxed or sharpened, our technicians will attentively do it for you. We work restlessly to ensure next-day delivery (or same day if needed).

We carry the best and some of the latest equipment in the industry to make your gear look and feel new. 

All tuning works will be catered to your own needs. We tune race, park, downhill and cross-country skis. We are the experts!

Did you know that tuning your skis and boards require water? And that water turns into dirty water/waste. Unlike other ski shops, we don't pour that dirty water down the drain. Here's what we do:

As we said earlier, we need water to tune your skis and snowboards to be in their best condition. The water then becomes contaminated and dirty from the ground off P-Tex and rust. As responsible individuals, we want to protect our environment as much as possible so we recycle the dirty water/waste with New England Disposal Technology. We pay them to take our 55 gallon drums and have them shipped to Ohio to clean the water.

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To learn more about Phantom, the eco friendly alternative to waxing scroll to the bottom. 

Find below a list of our shop work services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.





SKIS Regular
Phantom Permanent Wax-less Glide $179
Montana Crystal Grind Tune Up W/ Laser Wax (From 120cm)
Montana Crystal Grind Tune Up W/ Standard Wax $54.95

Montana Basic Belt Grind And Edge Sharpen and wax    150 cm up

Kids Montana Basic Belt Grind Edge Sharpen and wax . 140 cm down



P-TEX Work starts at $10
  $10 +
Iron Hot Wax
Infrared Wax
Belt Wax
Contract Mount (Free Mounting if the skis are bought from us)
ATSM Binding Test
Phantom Permanete Waxless Glide
Montana Basic Belt Grind W/ 3M Trizact & Infrared Wax
Montana Basic Belt Grind W/ 3M Trizact & Belt Wax
P-TEX Work starts at $10
$10.00 +
Iron Hot Wax
Infrared Wax $15.00
Belt Wax $10.00
Other Shop Services
Boot Fitting, Stretching and Repair $50.00/hr
Hotronics Installation $25..00





Phantom Permanente Waxless Glide:
The Future "Wax" of Snow Sports

In the skiing community regardless if you are on a race team or if you love recreational skiing, we all love to go fast. We all love the frictionless feeling of the snow fleeting from underneath our skis while we take strong and controlled carves down the slopes. Any experienced skier can tell the difference between freshly waxed skis and skis that need to be waxed. In this community only a few of us actually love the messy application process of applying wax and then cleaning it up. The ones who do not like to wax themselves end up going to ski shops to have the service done for them. Waxing is a necessity when skiing or snowboarding and needs to be done multiple times a year in order to go fast. Unfortunately traditional waxing is very harmful to the environment due to the chemicals that are left behind in the shredded snow where it stays. When the snow melts, the wax will go into streams, rivers, lakes, oceans or any body of water below the mountains. 

Thankfully a polymer chemist and materials engineer from The University of Utah named Jeffrey Bates who teamed up with DPS skis decided to create the future of snow sports and change the whole waxing process. The future is in Phantom Permanent Wax-less Glide which was released to the market in 2017 after years of being tested by pro skiers. Bate’s had two major goals when creating his wax like substance. One of his goals was to make it more environmentally friendly and his second goal was to make it last the lifetime of the ski. Bates was successful in achieving both of these goals. 

The process of the Phantom Permanent Wax-less Glide is a one time activity. After the ski has been treated with the Phantom formula, it will never have to be treated again. The ski will have infinitive glide for the rest of its life time. To start the process the ski needs to be prepared. This can be done in a few different ways such as being put through a stone grinder or the ski can be thoroughly cleaned. After the ski is prepared it is the right time to apply the Phantom formula to the entire base of ski. The ski will then be placed inside the Phantom UV light machine. During this time the formula will penetrate through the pores of the P-TEX base. After the curing from the UV light the ski is ready to come out. This is the end of the process. It is time to polish off the ski and enjoy it on the snowy slopes.

 DPS recommends to have trained ski shop technicians perform this process in order for it to come out with the best results. Here at Proctor Ski & Board we have multiple technicians; Zach, James, and Keigan, who are capable to assist anyone interested in getting the lifetime Phantom Permanent Wax-less Glide done to their skis. We think that is the best form of wax. It only takes one application, lasts forever, and is friendlier to the environment.