Lease Damage Waiver

  • $20.00
- $-20.00
Damage Waiver

Description: Damage Waiver is an optional service that complements our junior & adult lease programs. The waiver covers accidental damage or breakage of leased equipment. In case of equipment theft or loss, the waiver may cover it in case of submission of official reports from both the mountain & police.

This is a completely optional service, however we totally recommend it as it protects you against any accidental damages caused to the leased skis, boots and/ or bindings. Accidents happen and we get it!

If you choose to opt out, you shall be responsible for fixing any damages caused to the leased skis, boots or bindings and return your lease package at the end of the season in the same condition as received.

Damage Waiver is designed to provide an affordable and valuable protection of the used or new leased equipment. 

If you have more than one lease and wish to cover them all, you need to add Damage Waiver to every lease. If you have more than one lease and wish to add one Damage Waiver, you can pick which leased package you want to cover.

Click Here to learn more about our junior and adult pre-lease options and the free junior season pass to Bretton Woods (5-12).

Please note that the junior ski package and Damage Waiver need to be added separately to the cart. For any questions, contact us.

Availability:  In-store or online.