• 2021 Volkl Blaze 106 Skis Skis at Proctor Skis of Nashua, NH

Volkl Blaze 106 Skis 2021

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Blaze your own trail on the new Volkl Blaze 106 ski. This playful freeride ski is for skiers who constantly look for alternative terrain. Whether it be just off-piste or well off the map - the Blaze 106 is a lively, lightweight ski with easy all-day handling in a wide variety of snow conditions.  

The "Blaze" series replaces the "Eight" series for Volkl in 2021.

This 106mm waisted ski replaces the 100Eight in the Volkl lineup as one of the lightest freeride skis in its class. Utilizing Volkl's 3D Radius Sidecut, this ski provides an off-piste feel for intuitive skiers who favor short radius turns. 3D radius means the ski features a tighter radius in the middle and longer radii at the tip and tail. The shorter radius in the middle allows for quick, carved turns, while the longer radii at the ends prevent the skis from feeling hooky when making bigger turns or when throwing the skis into a drifted/slarved turn. Despite how lightweight it is, the Blaze 106 is a fairly strong ski. Also notable is that unlike its predecessor, the 100Eight - which was full reverse camber, the Blaze 106 does have some camber underfoot. All-in-all this fun, new freeride ski is light, easy, and versatile.

On all of the Blaze series skis, a Titanal binding platform that is just 0.3 mm thick provides direct power transfer and a fast pressure built-up from one edge to another. This gives the skis the most direct response right from the turn initiation. In order to preserve the full flexibility and agility, there is intentionally no Titanal included in the tip and the tail. Especially in narrow and rough terrain, you will directly benefit from the ski's faster and more direct reaction and with less effort required. The 3D radius sidecut significantly enhances the ski's liveliness and maneuverability. The Blaze construction targets the short turn-oriented skier but the 3D radius together with the tip to tail Hybrid Multilayer woodcore adapts to basically every riding style.

Making its debut in the Blaze series of skis is the Suspension Tip. This elastic rubbery material on the edges of the tip and the tail acts as a bumper every time the ski comes in contact with the snow in wind-blown or tracked out conditions. The shock-absorbing elasticity ensures not only the resistance but also provides great lift off-piste.

Best for: Advanced skiers who can't be confined strictly to lift-accessed terrain. The Blaze 106 ski is for skiers that make the most of resort terrain as well as the sidecountry and backcountry too. 


Construction: Full Sidewall, 3D Radius Sidecut, Titanal Power Plate, Suspension Tips & Tails, P-Tex 2100 Base, Hybrid Multilayer Woodcore

Ski Radius: 3D Radius Sidecut: R1= Tail, R2= Center/Main, R3= Tip

  • R1: 17m R2: 17m R3: 36m @179cm
  • R1: 30m R2: 19m R3: 40m @186cm

Ski Sidecut:  146/106/128

Ski Profile:  Tip and Tail Rocker with slight (1mm) Camber underfoot 

Weight: 1772g @186cm

Suggested Bindings:

There are multiple bindings that will work well with this ski and depend on the ski size, skier weight, DIN and boot sole. Consult a professional if you are unsure about what binding to choose.  Call 603-888-1214 or Email

Salomon Shift: Multi-Norm Certified for use with Alpine (ISO 5355) or AT (ISO 9523) boots, Dynafit compatible, S/Lab Shift MNC 13 - DIN 6 - 13, weight 885g per binding

Marker Duke PT:  Multi-Norm Certified for use with Alpine (ISO 5355) or AT (ISO 9523) boots (tech inserts needed on boots for hike function), Dynafit compatible, Duke PT 16 - DIN 6 - 16 weight 1350g per binding, Duke PT 12 - DIN 4 - 12 weight 1180g per binding