Union Force Snowboard Bindings 2022

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Welcoming back the workhorse of the Union line up, the 2022 Union Force features a slightly stiffer Exoframe 2.0 ankle strap and a Camber Disk to deepen the level of comfort and response. These new features along with other tried-and-true components keep this classic all-mountain binding dependable, even for riders chasing that 100 day season, or that beat the ever living life out of their bindings. This is the epitome of hardcore.


Rider Level: Intermediate - Expert

Flex: 6/10

Baseplate: Stage 4 Duraflex ST

Highback: Force Duraflex ST

Straps: Exoframe 2.0 / Hexgrip 2.0 Toe Strap with Secure Lock

Buckles: Magnesium

Best For:

The Force is for the guy that truly just sends the ever living s%!* out of every feature, obstacle, or type of terrain in his way. From spanking rails, to launching cliffs in the woods, to digging fat trenches, or even stomping that XL 75 footer at the end of the jump line, the Force will withstand the most aggressive riding you could challenge it with.