Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings 2022

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The 2022 Union Contact Pro is designed for the rider who can't keep their board from jibbing anything in their path. Rails, boxes, butters; basically getting loose all over the mountain and turning the mountain into your own personal park. The Contact Pro is well-known for it's surfy baseplate/mini disk combo, giving the rider a little lateral movement for extra steezed out butters and presses. Scott Stevens and other Union riders prefer the Contact Pro due to its versatility. Tweak, jib, destroy with the Contact Pro!


Rider Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Flex: 4/10

Baseplate: CP3 Duraflex

Highback: CP3 Duraflex

Straps: Forma Elite Ankle Strap / 1.0 Ultragrip Toe Strap

Buckles: Aluminum

Best For: 

The Contact Pro is perfect for the rider who has loose style. Keep it loose, surf the mountain, and jib the ever living life out of anything in your path. Like super tweaked grabs while you fly over knuckles? The Contact has the tweakage you need, without sacrificing quality or integrity of a binding. Turn the mountain into your personal park with the Contact Pro from Union!