Thirtytwo Lashed Double BOA Snowboard Boots 2022

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Favorite boot for Chris Bradshaw, the 2022 Thirtytwo Lashed Double Boa is upgraded with a new Performance Rubber Outsole with Evolution Foam Cushioning. Featuring the same reliable fit, flex and support the Lashed just got better. Dial the right fit with the Dual Boa Fit System featuring the TX3 lace.


Flex: 6/10

Lacing: Dual Boa

Liner: Team Liner

Outsole: STI Evolution Foam

Fit: Mid Volume

Footbed: Team Footbed

Best For:

The Lashed Double Boa is the perfect boot for a more aggressive rider that likes to push limits and continue his progression with a boot that'll be able to back that level of confidence.