Thirtytwo Lashed Double BOA Crab Grab Snowboard Boots 2021

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- $-299.00


Get your claws on the 2021 Thirtytwo Lashed Double Boa Crab Grab boots and never let go. Reliable fit, flex, and performance are why these boots are preferred by Chris Bradshaw and anyone who wants to firmly grasp the feeling of greatness. With heat-moldable liners, a heel hold kit, and Double Boa System, you'll get the cobbler-good feel you've always wanted out of your boots. Evolution foam cushioning underneath a performance rubber outsole makes them tough on the exterior and comfy on the inside. Double cinch your feet into their new home on the mountain, happily inside the Lashed Double Boa Crab Grab boot


Flex: 7/10

Lacing: Double Boa

Liner: Team Liner

Outsole: Performance Rubber Outsole

Fit: Mid Volume

Footbed: Team Footbed

Best For:

Maybe you want to 50-50 a tube and backflip out on a 203cm length board like Zeb Powell. Maybe you want to make death defying hop turns on a 60 degree face on Shangri La like Jeremy Jones. If so, you're going to need something responsive and badass on your feet. This boot will make those dreams a possibility.