Sweet Protection Switcher MIPS Helmet 2022

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The Sweet Protection Switcher MIPS Helmet is one of the most versatile helmets on the market that is packed with all the performance features for warm or cold days. This helmet is made with a variable elasticity advanced hybrid shell that creates a rigid hardshell layer that protects and distributes impacts while the in-molded areas ensures elasticity is held and you stay safe and comfortable all day long. It also features STACC ventilation that creates a front internal channel for targeted cooling without exposing vulnerable areas of your head.


Weight: 580 g

Style: All-mountain

Construction: Hybrid


Impact Shields: Distributes impacts from the inside over a larger area in crucial zones

22 STACC Vents: Easily adjustable to control the airflow and protect vulnerable areas

3D Shaped Vented Lining: Moisture-wicking

Occigrip turndial fit system: Comfortable interior, with easy turn-dial adjustment

Wide split divider

Fidlock Magnetic Buckle: Safety and easy operation

Audio Ready System: Sound Chips are sold separately

MIPS: Reduces rotational forces on the brain