• Superfeet Insoles Blue for Ski Boots

Superfeet Insoles Blue for Ski Boots



Description: Superfeet Blue Insoles are great for aligning the foot inside a ski boot. The blue version is thinner and works best in tighter fitting footwear.
  • Bio mechanical shape
  • High density foam
  • Closed-cell foam supports and cushions the foot for long lasting comfort.
  • Anti miccrobial coating
  • Eliminates odor-causing bacteria
  • Stabilizer cap
  • The base of the insole that supports the rear foot and provides structure and stability to the foam layer.
  • HEEL CUPHelps position the heel to naturally absorb impact.

Best for: The blue can replace the existing insole without making the boot too tight. The result is a foot with better alinement, better skiing and more comfortable boots.

Superfeet Insoles Size Chart


  J A B C D E F G H
MEN'S       5.5-7 7.5-9 9.5-11 11.5-13 13.5-15 15.5-17
WOMEN'S     4.5-6 6.5-8 8.5-10 10.5-12      
KID'S 11.5-13 13.5-2 2.5-4            

How to Trim  and install Superfeet Insoles

Step 1: Remove the insole that came in your ski or snowboard boot. To work properly, your Superfeet insole should lie on the bottom surface of your footwear. it should not rest on any additional insole, arch pad or heel cushion material. These items should be removed.

Step 2: Place the original insole over the top of your new Superfeet insole, lining up both the heel and inside edge. With a marking pen, trace the original insole pattern onto the new Superfeet insole. Trim the insole by cutting along the inside edge of the tracing line. Care shuld be taken not to trim too short; you can always trim again if the result is slightly too long.

If You Have No Original Insole: Some ski or snowboard boots (Full Tilt boots with Intuition liners for instance) have no stock insoles. In this case, place your liner over the Superfeet insole with the end of the liner heel aligned over the heel of the insole. Trace an outline around the toe area, then follow the usual trimming instructions. Hint: trace and trim one insole first, then flip it over and use it as a template for the second insole after determining that it fits inside the liner.