Salomon Strive 14 GW Ski Bindings 2023

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Low slung and light as feather, the all new Salomon Strive 14 Ski Binding set out to push the boundaries of performance and feel. Boasting the outright least weight in its category, it has also achieved the lowest center of mass (COM) of any alpine binding, period. When combined with its extra-wide platform and outstanding elasticity, this binding delivers an incredibly smooth, next-to-snow ride, that will make any ski its easiest to pivot, drive, flick, and rail.


Toe Piece

LDN Toe  Low. Direct. Neutral. These are the deign characteristics of the revolutionary new LDN Toe-piece. A lower center of gravity places the binding closer to the ski for better next-to-snow feel and the wide base delivers more direct response and reaction throughout the turn. The flatter, neutral stance puts the skier in a more balanced position by preserving the natural flex and arc of the ski.

Automatic Toe Adaptation  The toe adapts automatically to your alpine normed boot height and ensures constant release values

SCP Slider Pedal  Anti-friction system to guarantee safe release.

Extra Wide Toe Pedal  >60mm

Heel Piece

Locking Brakes  The brakes feature a smartly designed clip-in system that locks the skis together as you throw them over your shoulder, making long hauls easy!


Release Value Range: 5-14

Weight: 980g

Stack Height: 19.6

Adjustment Range: 30mm

Compatibility: Alpine, Gripwalk

Best For

This flat binding will pair perfectly with many of our All Mountain and Freeride Skis!

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