• Rossignol React 6 ski package 2020 Red and Black

Rossignol React 6 Xpress 11 Skis 2020

Spring Sale
Spring Sale


Description: The Rossignol React 6 Ski Package really impressed us then we skied on it. Hard to believe it sell for only $599 with 11 DIN Bindings. The entire React series of skis is designed  to bring racing power and precision to everyday skiers.  Designed for faster acceleration into and out of turns, the new FLEX TIP technology offers adaptive torsion control at the tip and tail to initiate carved turns instantly, and release with ease. The unique design efficiently channels energy for cleaner power transfer, resulting in effortless spontaneity to roll into and out of carved turns without breaking your energy bank.


Best for: Intermediate to advanced skiers that like to make carver turns on groomed runs. We love the 126-74-110 side cut.Carves great and still works well in the bumps and the trees.