POC Fovea Mid Clarity Comp + Goggles 2022

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The POC Fovea Mid Clarity Comp + Ski and Snowboard Goggles are incredibly effective and comfortable at all speeds and conditions. The POC Fovea Mid Clarity Comp + Goggles feature a high-density ventilation padding that will reduce airflow into the goggles when performing at high speeds. The Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch Lens Treatment featured on the POC Fovea Mid Clarity Comp + Goggles allows them to have lasting durability. 


High-Density Strap Secures a tight fit against the helmet

Ventilation Padding Reduces airflow at high speeds

Anti-Fog Lens Treatment

Anti-Scratch Lens Treatment

Extra Clarity Comp Lenses Low light and night skiing lenses 

Medium Frame