POC Fovea Clarity Comp + Goggles 2021

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Blk/Spek Blue
Wht/Spek Blue


The POC Fovea Clarity Comp + Ski and Snowboard Goggles are incredibly effective and comfortable at all speeds and conditions. The POC Fovea Clarity Comp + Goggles feature a high-density ventilation padding that will reduce airflow into the goggles when performing at high speeds. The Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch Lens Treatment featured on the POC Fovea Clarity Comp + Goggles allows them to have lasting durability. 


High-Density Strap Secures a tight fit against the helmet

Ventilation Padding Reduces airflow at high speeds

Anti-Fog Lens Treatment

Anti-Scratch Lens Treatment

Extra Clarity Comp Lenses Low light and night skiing lenses 

Best For

Skiers looking for goggles that have an unmatched performance for any kind of competitive race event