• Patagonia Logo Cotton T-Shirt 2018

Patagonia Logo Cotton T-Shirt 2018


Description: Patagonia Logo Cotton P-6 T-Shirt for men is a true classic. It's a durable t-shirt that is imprinted with Patagonia original logo design and made out of 100% organic cotton that's grown by US farmers. Its simple design and fit make it an all-time favorite best seller. 

Patagonia brands guarantees the best quality sewing and finishing. The fabric used is certified and approved by Bluesign technology making the T-shirt safer to the environement and new owner. 

Features: Regular fit

PVC- and Phthalate free screen-print ink

Taped shoulder seams to ensure comfort and fit retention

Original design, 100% organic cotton

Weight 7oz

Fit: Regular- Neither slim nor oversized.

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