Now Vetta Snowboard Bindings 2022 - Women's

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To get the smoothest ride out of your snowboard, you've got to set it up with the right bindings. The 2022 Now Vetta bindings are like a Cadillac suspension system for your blade. Skate Tech technology pairing with soft bushings and a Flex Hinge highback work together to keep you cushioned from any edge chatter or harsh vibrations. These bindings provide excellent energy transfer to make carving and all-mountain riding easy, precise, and give you plenty of flex and energy to have some fun in the park too. No doubt one of the most comfortable and precise bindings on the market.


Rider Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Flex: 4/10

Baseplate: Hanger 1.0 Nylon Reinforced With 15% Fiberglass

Highback: Flex Hinge Highback

Straps: Sieva Ankle Straps / 3D Contour Toe Straps

Buckles: PA66-GF Buckle Levers

Best For:

The ripper chick looking for one of the most comfortable and responsive bindings on the market. Surf the mountain, slay the park, slide past the boys, all in a days work.