Now Brigada Snowboard Bindings 2022 - Women's

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The 2022 Now Brigada is the women's equivalent of the Brigade. Comfortable, high-quality, and versatile, the Brigada is the ultimate all-mountain binding for a versatile rider. Skate-Tech offers the rider the ability to change out bushings on the bottom of the binding, to stiffen or loosen the lateral/torsional flex of the binding for whatever style they're feeling.


Rider Level: Beginner - Advanced

Flex: 5/10

Baseplate: Hangar 2.0 Nylon Reinforced with 30% Glass Fiber

Highback: Freewing Highback

Straps: Sieva Ankle Strap, 3D Contour Toe Strap

Buckles: PA66-GF Buckles

Best For:

The Brigada is perfect for the lady who goes anywhere and needs a binding to keep up. Versatile, lightweight, comfortable, what more could you want?