Look Pivot 15 GW Ski Bindings 2022

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The Look Pivot 15 GW  ski binding gives all the performance  and durability of the Pivot 18 with a lower DIN setting for everyday skiers. The construction is bomb proof and the design offers you the best possible release. The new Gripwalk version accepts both Gripwalk and Alpine sole standards. The Look Pivot 15 GW has the all metal single pivot toe the same as the Pivot 18.  Stronger than the Pivot 14 GW

More elastic travel results in more reliable retention to keep you in when you need. LOOK bindings boast the most lateral travel before release and the fastest re-centering, delivering superior shock absorption and reducing unwanted pre-release.

 The Look Pivot mounting zone is the shortest of any alpine binding which provides less swing weight, improved response, and a deeper, rounder, more consistent ski flex.

The Look Pivot 15 GW has a 3D multidirectional release which reduces the risk of injury in all kinds of falls, even the combined and twisting . ones. 



     DIN Range: 6-15

    Toe lateral elasticity: 45 mm

     Heel elasticity: 28mm

     AFD   Gripwalk or flat

     Weight 2490g /pair

Best for

 The Look Pivot 15 ski binding for high energy skiing, bumps, big air skiing hard on the snow and in the air. More durable than the Look Pivot 14 GW.  Better retention, yet safer in twisting falls.