Line Blade Skis 2022

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The Line Blade has made carving fun again. Powered by the Gas Pedal Metal, the Blade packs the ripping short turns of a slalom ski into a wider all mountain capable platform. According to Line, it's official turn radius is "tight" because even they know the only limits to the turns the Blade can make are your imagination. It turns mild and straight blue square trails into ear to ear gins and turns glades into joyrides. In a world where you can't tell the difference between 6 skis across 5 manufacturers, the Blade is truly different, and shines as a return to all of our skiing roots; fun.


Gas Pedal Metal: Strategic layout of of Titanal metal throughout the ski that imbues absurd torsional rigidity and stability at speed while allowing smooth progressive flex for all mountain versatility. 

Fatty Base & Edge: Industry best, extra thiccc 2.5mm edge and 1.7mm base. Pretty self explanatory, do you want those normal thin and wispy ski constructions?

Aspenlite Core: 100% Aspen wood core. Lightweight and nimble to make every lap a fun one.

5-Cut Sidecut: Blended into the ski's sidecut are five different radiuses. This allows the ski to arc many different shapes of turns intuitively and confidently.


Dimensions(mm): 154 Tip / 95 Waist / 124 Tail @176cm Length

Construction: Full Aspen wood core, Gas Pedal Metal, Full Sidewall

Turn Radius: "Tight"

Weight: 2050g @176cm Length

Ski Profile: Long Rockered Tip, Long Camber Underfoot, Short Rockered Tail

Ability Level: Advanced - Expert

Best For & Options

It's different, It's versatile, It's going to be the most fun you've had on a ski that can rip this hard.

Recommended Bindings:

Look Pivot 14 GW: A staple of aggressive all mountain skiers and freeriders alike. Multidirectional release for safety and short mounting zone for natural ski flex.

Marker Griffon 13 ID: Marker's tried and true construction updated to be lighter yet stiffer. 

Salomon Warden 13 MNC: Salomon's wide platform for maximum lateral power transmission. MNC (Multi-Norm Certified) compatible with every DIN Alpine sole.

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