Line Blade Optic 96 Skis 2023

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The Line Blade Optic 96 Skis are clearly the culmination of serious passion for and understanding of skiing. Using Line's revolutionary Gas Pedal Metal, a metal laminate as exotic as it is effective, the Blade Optic 96 marries high speed stability, and intuitive carving, in freeride shape that will feel as comfortable dropping into cutes and ducking ropes as casual groomer laps. Versatility has been redefined.


Gas Pedal Metal Overdrive: A precise geometric laminate of Titanal (an aluminum alloy) that imbues a unique and revolutionary combination of high speed control, playful flex, and easy turning

Directional Flex: Floats and initiates turns easily while providing power, stability, and high-speed control

Early Rise™: Increased lift in deep snow and engages quickly on hardpack

Aspen Veneer Core: Lightweight, snappy, and engaged feel

5-Cut Sidecut: Blended into the ski's sidecut are five different radii. This allows the ski to arc many different shapes of turns intuitively and confidently.

Capwall: The power of sidewall and the durability of a cap construction paired together. The best of both worlds.


Dimensions(mm): 129 Tip / 96 Waist / 119 Tail @177cm Length

Turn Radius: 18m @177cm length

Weight: 1780g @177cm Length

Best For

The Line Blade Optic 96 Skis carve intuitively, pop playfully, and charge confidently. An easy choice for skiers of all types.

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