Knee Mist 3-12 Ski Bindings 2019 | Women

  • $399.00
- $170.00

Description : The Knee Mist  is a light, strong binding that provides extra protection against Knee injuries with the only lateral heel release on the market.


    • Traditional bindings feature 2 areas of release: sideways toe release in the front of the boot and vertical or forward heel release at the back of the boot
    • Knee bindings offer an additional dimension of sideways release in the heel, reducing the chances of strains and tears to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
    • Resin and stainless-steel components offer high durability, excellent energy transfer and light weight
    • Mounting system is designed to work with the natural flex of your skis and reduces unwanted release
    • Hard, flat boot platforms efficiently transfer pressure from edge to edge, and toe-height adjustment eliminates play
    • Wide mounting platform enhances leverage on today's wide skis
    • The Knee binding Mist downhill ski bindings feature a 90mm brake that fits most all-mountain skis and some all-mountain wide skis
    • Features 3 - 12 DIN settings

    Made in USA.

      Best for: Beginner to Advanced  skiers that want extra protection for their knees.