K2 Recon 130 MV GW Ski Boots 2022

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The K2 Recon 130 MV GW Ski Boots are one of the lightest alpine and freeride boots while still having all the modern features of an elite performance boot. The K2 Recon 130 boots are made with energy interlock technology that puts less stress on the boot material, allowing for a more natural flexing motion of the boot. The K2 Recon 130 boots feature a Powerlite shell with four different stiffnesses of plastic for perfect stiffness and performance without unnecessary added weight. Plus, for incredible fit, the Recon 130 features a fully heat moldable shell and liner.


Weight 1700g

Liner PowerFit Pro

Powerfuse Spyne Adds strength and energy for flexibility as well as necessary stiffness

Energy Interlock Smoother flexing motion

Fast Fit Entry Quick and easy entrance and exit

Powerlite Shell Lightweight yet powerful

Dual Cuff Alignment Index Cuff adjustment

Grip Walk Outsole Heightened grip

Best For

Hard charging through the woods, goomers, or park. It'll keep up and is light enough to not slow you down.