K2 Raygun POP Snowboard 2022

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The 2022 K2 Raygun POP is built for the rider who wants to progress their riding and take it to the next level. This mellow-cambered deck offers lightweight maneuverability, precision carving, and a forgiving flex which makes it the perfect board to progress on and even learn on! The light aspen core makes it snappy and responsive, so if you do happen to ride through the park or want to sail a jump, she'll send! 


Rider Level: Beginner - Advanced

Board Type: All-mountain

Camber Type: Traditional Camber

Flex: 6/10

Shape: Directional 

Core: Aspen

Base: Sintered Base

Best For

The Raygun POP is perfect for the guy balling on a budget, or the teenager who's getting their first adult snowboard. The Raygun has been a K2 staple for years, and is a great entry-level all-mountain board that doesn't break the bank. Supportive while you carve, forgiving flex, medium sidecut for short and long turns, what more could you want?