• K2 Ikonic 84 skis 2020 red and black
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K2 Ikonic 84 M3-12 Skis 2020

Spring Sale
Spring Sale


Description: The K2 Ikonic 84 Ikonic 84 M3 12 Ski is a light and fun all mountain ski.  Its shape, the Carbon Spyne, , and Exo-Konic Technology make the 84  a great  lighter choice for carving turns anywhere on the mountain.   Without metal this 84 is lighter and better in bumps and tight places than skis like the K2 Ikonic 84 Ti (titanium).  For many skis without metal are more fun. With lots of side cut this ski loves to carve turns yet is wide enough and soft enough to work well in soft snow.





Marker M3 12 DIN Bindings


Speed Rocker

Core Construction:




Exo-Konic Tech

Carbon SpYne

Twintech Sidewalls


Best for: Intermediate to expert all mountain skiers that like a  softer and lighter traditional race like feel to their skis. Skiers that like to feel the ski carving from turn start to turn end with lots of energy.