K2 Clicker X HB Snowboard Bindings 2021 | Women

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We will only sell this if you buy  a 2021 Clicker boot at the same time. It will not fit last years K2 Clicker Boots.

Introducing the all-new  K2 Clicker X HB W! This revolutionary work of art from our family over at K2 is the next step in clicker technology, a large step if we may say. This godsend of a binding is for the female rider that is looking for convenience, while refusing to sacrifice comfort and performance, hell all women are queens and deserve to get what they want right? The Clicker X HB W provides rock solid toe and heel metal mounting points, aiding in laser fast edge to edge transitioning, and more natural lateral mobility than its competitors for a more familiar flex and feel. Tool less adjustment on this bad girl allows you to dial in your forward lean on the go, and a 3 degree cant on the chassis underfoot keeps your body in a more natural riding position. Different from the male version of this binding, the Clicker X HB W features a shorter, female specific high back for more comfortable calves. If there was ever a time to exit the chairlift and laugh in all the skiers faces as you take off and get fresher tracks while they whack their poles, the time has come, and it is now!


Rider Level: Beginner - Advanced

Flex: 4/10

Baseplate: GF Nylon

Highback: GF Nylon

Straps: None!

Buckles: Also none!

Best For:

From the chicks who want to laugh at the rest of their friend group as they speed away and get first trackson the groomers, to the badass chica who wants to click in as fast as possible to get to those chutes and couloirs, this binding is for any girl who just wants things sped up a little bit.