GNU Anti Gravity Snowboard 2022

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The 2022 GNU Anti Gravity lives up to its name, meaning that this thing loves to rip fat carves, sail booters, and provide unparalleled edge control all over the mountain. The C3 camber profile is the most aggressive camber that comes out of the Mervin factory in the USA, so you know this deck carves like nothing else on the market. Magne-traction helps carve trenches around your friends, and the shape floats beautifully in powder. The Anti Gravity is truly a unique plank that doesn't break the bank for the all-mountain rider looking to go from cruising to making the Kessel Run in under twelve parsecs.


Rider Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Board Type: All-mountain 

Camber Type: C3 Hybrid (Camber underfoot, slight rocker between the feet)

Flex: 7/10

Shape: Directional 

Core: Aspen/Paulownia Core

Base: Sintered Base

Best For

The Anti Gravity is perfect for the rider who loves to take chiller groomer laps, surf slush, but then take it up a notch and race down the mountain at unprecedented speeds without speed-wobbling to your demise. The camber profile, paired with magne-traction create a stable ride, without adding weight. The Anti Gravity comes in at an inexpensive price point, while simultaneously providing top-notch performance without breaking the bank.