Giro Jackson MIPS Helmet 2021

- $-180.00
Mat Midnight
Matte Black


The Giro Jackson MIPS Ski and Snowboard helmet is a stylish helmet that has been streamlined in design and features for maximum comfort and safety.  The Giro Jackson helmet features a passive aggressive venting system that provides strong ventilation and temperature control while maintaining a discrete appearance on the helmet's exterior. The Giro Jackson helmet has seamless compatibility with all Giro goggles allowing for optimal performance from the combination. 


MIPS® Brain Protection System reduces rotational forces caused by angled impacts to the head

Passive Aggressive Venting System Aerodynamic airflow lines similar to that of high-end automobiles provides powerful yet discrete ventilation and temperature control

Giro Goggle Compatibility

Polartec® Power Grid ™ Padding More comfortable feel to the helmet with moisture and odor removing technology

In Form™ 2 Fit System Easier to use and a more precise size adjustment system for a more comfortable feeling helmet

Best For

Skiers looking for a stylish yet comfortable fit that provides all-day protection

Fit Guide

A correctly fitting helmet is incredibly important. It ensures that the helmet functions as designed and offers the best level of protection possible. Because no two helmet manufacturers make their helmets the same, it is important to measure your actual head size in centimeters (a small in one brand may be a medium in another). Follow the instructions below to ensure that you get the right size and correctly fitting helmet.

  • Measure around your head using a soft tape measure
  • Ensure the tape passes across the center of the forehead, above the ears and over the natural bump at the back of the head
  • Allow 1cm extra for long or thick hair, or if you intend to wear a beanie or balaclava under the helmet
  • If you are at the top end of any of the sizes, we advise going for the larger size to accommodate different head shapes. If your head is exactly the same circumference as the helmet because your head is unlikely to be the exact shape of the helmet it's unlikely to fit perfectly so a larger size will fit better