Giro Contact Goggles 2022

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The Giro Contact Goggles provides some of the largest and clearest viewing experiences so you don't miss a thing on the slopes. The Giro Contact Goggles are made with Vivid Lens Technology that enhances both contrast and definition by enhancing blue light while blocking out harmful UV, creating the clearest possible vision on the slopes. They also feature Evak Vent Technology that is made with a durable, non-absorbant material that releases moisture while keeping the elements out.


Snapshot Magnetic Lens Interchange System: Fast, accurate, and secure changing of lens

Anti-Fog Coating: Clear vision

Evak Vent Technology: Releases moisture while creating a barrier against the elements

Expansion View Technology: Best possible peripheral vision

Toric Vivid Lenses with Optics by Zeiss: Mimics human eyes for superior optics while preventing fogging

Vivid Lens Technology with Optics by Zeiss: Enhances contrast and definition while blocking out harmful UV

Best For

The Giro Contact Goggles are perfect for skiers that want a goggle that provides top of the line contrast, optics, and definition so you can see every line on the slopes.