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Faction Prodigy 1.0 skis 2019

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Description:  The Faction Prodigy 1.0 Skis  is a brand-new new school park ski built to help you get creative inside and outside of the park. This Poplar-cored, 90mm underfoot freestyle twin, seasoned with 3mm of camber, has buckets of pop and flex while maintaining real performance on the downhill. Rebelling against symmetrical park ski tradition, the directional shape of the Prodigy 1.0 ensures that you have more control throughout your turn, whether that’s carving in switch to a 40-foot booter or hand-dragging into a wavey trail feature. The wider shovel and Surf Zone tech means that you can easily blend those carves into butters while the skinnier, surfboard-inspired pintail feels effortless to slarve and press on pretzel landings or knuckle take-offs. Flax stringers, lighter and more ecological than fibreglass, keep the ski lightweight while XL 2.2mm edges, thicker bases and full Cap tips and tails ensure a bombproof set of sticks that lay the tracks for modern-day, do-it-all park skis.

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  • Shape 120-90-110
  • Poplar-Beech core: great hold on hard snow with a light and snappy feel.
  • Progressive tip and tail shapes: Bringing the widest sections of the ski in from the tip and tail make a longer ski feel shorter makes it easy to float through chopped snow, and also to carve a turn on the hard pack
  • Dual-radius sidecut: Smaller radius in the front section of the ski, together with a larger radius in the tail section for a quick response, control and stability through the turn and atspeed.
  •  Transition zones: between rocker, sidecut and camber makes a fluid, easy to pivot and nimble ski


Best for:  Park skiers that want a playful ski that is durable, versatile and playful. Makes a great one ski does it all for park skiers.