Capita Pathfinder Camber Snowboard 2022

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The Capita Pathfinder Camber 2022 is designed to be an all-mountain/freestyle/destroy anything in its path (no pun intended) kind of board. It's designed as a semi-soft flexing twin with a low camber profile, but don't let that fool you because it still carves incredibly well. Playful in the park when you need it to be, yet responsive on groomers and in trees as much as you need it to be. What you as a rider put into this board, it will give back plenty. Like to go all over the mountain and are worried about finding the right board(s) to satisfy your riding style? Look no further than the Capita Pathfinder, and carve your own path through the mountain.


Rider Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Board Type: All-mountain / Freestyle

Camber Type: Park V1 (camber between feet, rocker on nose and tail)

Flex: 4/10

Shape: True Twin

Core: FSC Dual Certified Core

Base: Superdrive EX Base

Best For

The Pathfinder not only helps you find your path, but create your own path as well. Responsive and snappy in the park from feature to feature, and also a super fun carving board. If you're used to traditional-cambered snowboards, this plank is as close as it gets to the OG camber shapes from contact point to contact point. If you like to ride anywhere, and all over the mountain no matter the terrain, the Pathfinder is your new best friend.