Capita Horrorscope Snowboard 2021

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?The 2021 Capita Horrorscope is designed and ridden by some of the gnarliest riders in the industry, created to be fun, easy to ride, and capable of sending big lines. Boasting big performance and a modest price, the Horrorscope is the choice of park rats, urban riders, as well as being a solid platform for learning new tricks and sharpening your skills. The blunted design of the Horrorscope reduces swing weight and allows you to size down without losing performance, so you can throw it around extra easy and still stay stable for cruising around the mountain. Take a ride on this interstellar rock star and turn the park progression up to 11!


Rider Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Board Type: Resort and Park

Camber Type: Park V2 Profile

Flex: 4/10

Shape: True Twin

Core: FSC Certified Dual Core

Base: Superdrive EX Base

Best For: 

Do you enjoy park laps with friends where everybody is trying to one up each other? Do you like riding recreationally with the fam and dipping into the woods to pop back out and scare the living hell out of them and the innocent passer by? Are you looking for a new daily to hone in your overall riding skills? If you answered "Hell Yeah!" to any of these questions, then the all new 2021 Horrorscope is definitely for you.