• Briko Vulcano Junior Helmet Fluid Teal with white stripe
  • Briko Vulcano Junior Helmet Fluid Black with white stripe
  • Briko Vulcano Junior Helmet Fluid White with Black stripe

Briko Vulcano FIS Fluid Junior Helmet 2019

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Description:  Briko's Vulcano FIS Fluid Helmet uses technology known as Fluid Brain Science.   Fluid incorporates a matrix of Pods oriented around the head that are attached to the interior of the helmet. Each Pod is made up of a flexible membrane filled with a compressible foam that is filled with a low shear fluid.  On impact, the foam compresses and the fluid disperses throughout the Pod allowing the helmet to rotate upon impact to reduce rotational impacts.  Fluid technology,  helmets offer better brain protection. 

Lots of research for Fluid Brain Science is done in Canada with Hockey helmets.


  • Fluid infused foam pads absorb linear and redirect rotational energies
  • Flow fit - memory foam like pressure point reduction
  • Lightweight construction - <35 grams
  • Micrometrical metallic buckle
  • Chinguard compatible
  • Certifications: FIS 6.8, FIS RH 2013, ASTM F:2040/A, CE EN 1077/A

Best for:  Ski Racing or people that want maximum protection from a helmet that covers the ears.