Atomic Vantage W 75 C + M10 Skis 2021 | Women

  • $600.00
- $101.00


The Atomic Vantage 75 C  for women is a confidence-boosting all-mountain system ski with bindings. This light  short turning ski features Atomics new Pro-Lite construction. The 75C excels on the piste as iI's powerful and backed by carbon but still has a ton of All-mountain characteristics that won't  leave you bogged as soon as the snow gets soft. It"s a excellent choice for beginners and intermediates wanting to take their skiing to the next level!



Sidedcut. 115-75-99

Atomic M10 GW Ski Bindings

Exo Profile

Carbon Tank Mesh

Wood Densolite Core

Structured Top Sheet

All-Mountain Rocker 10-90-0 Flat tail

 Best for

 Beginner to Intermediate Skiers for looking to grow their skiing skills.