Atomic Vantage 79 TI + M12 Skis 2022

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The Atomic Vantage 79 TI Ski Package is a light, frontside focused, all-mountain ski and binding package that combines the power of an a groomed snow ski with the agility of a side country ski.  Ideal for front side mountain groomers and occasional practice on the edge of the trails. It is particularly good for skiing on firm snow thanks to it's Carbon Tank Mesh.  It makes a great first adult ski for boys.  Fun and affordable! 


Shape 121-79-107

All mountain rocker 10-90-0

Binding is Atomic F12 GW

Light Wood core with metal laminate.

Flat tail


Carbon Tank Mesh,

Energy Backbone

Cap Sidewall

Best for

Almost effortless front side skiing. Carves or skids. Tremedous value.

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