Atomic Maverick 86 C Skis 2022

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Designed and Tested in North America, the journey of the new Atomic Maverick 86 C was taking the uncompromising approaches of racing and freeriding, adding the flavors of the best mountains spanning an entire continent, and becoming something truly unique and special. Just the right ingredients of lightweight core, powerful carbon fiber additives, and intuitive shaping when stirred together by Atomic's 65 years of ski making experience has redefined versatility. 

Coming in three waist widths, the 86 C is very approachable without sacrificing a high ceiling. A bit softer and even lighter than its beefy "TI" brothers, it is exceptionally easy to turn, won't tire you like a heavier ski would, and keeps the signature Maverick versatility at heart. More conservative, lightweight, or new skiers will feel right at home all while having the tools at their disposal to broaden their horizons.


OMatic Core: Lightweight Poplar wood sandwiched by sheets of carbon fiber and fiberglass deliver a race inspired dampness in a touring ski weight class

Dura Cap Sidewall: Full sidewall adds precise edging stability and meets with a rounded off topsheet to prevent chipping and delamination

Flow Profile: Atomic's optimization of rocker, camber, and shovel taper allow for maximum effective edge on hard snow while providing ample float in the deep snow

HRZN Tech Tip: 3D shape in the tip provides extra surface area to maximize floatation in fresh powder


Dimensions(mm): 123 Tip / 87.5 Waist / 106.5 Tail @169cm Length

Construction: OMatic Poplar Wood Core, Dual Carbon Laminates, Full Sidewall

Turn Radius: 16.5m @169cm length

Weight: 1450g @169cm Length

Ski Profile: Rockered tip, Cambered underfoot, Rockered Tail; 20/70/10

Ability Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Best For & Perfect Pairings 

The Atomic Maverick 86 C Skis are perfect for beginner to intermediate skiers looking for a lightweight yet effective ski. The profile and feature of the Maverick ski make it the ideal ski for all kinds of terrains.

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