• Atomic Hawk Magma Women's ski boot black

Atomic Hawk Magna 75 Ski Boots 2019 | Women



Description:  Comfort is the name of the game for many women skiers. The Atomic Hawk Magna is designed for comfort. Easy to put on or take off. Above average width and moldable. At $249 a great value for the newer skier. This boot is far better than boots you have been renting. Having your own equipment helps you skiing so much. You do not have to adjust to a different fit every time. Skiing becomes more automatic. And it looks great!


  • Flex index: 75  Soft
  • Last: 102mm
  • T Memory Fit has  custom fit for shell, cuff and liner in minutes. Fits great right out of box for most skiers.
  • Easy Step-In design for easy putting the boot on and off. This is huge for people with limited flexability
  • Bronze Liner, which offers a slightly firmer fit allowing greater responsiveness and a longer lasting comfort thanks to durable foam
  • 35mm Velcro Strap for extra tight fastening
  •  4 6000-alu Buckles which will firmly lock your ski boots
  • Forward lean: 15°
  • Shell Rotation: 3°, for a natural stance and greater comfort while skiing

Best for: Beginner to casual intermediate women with wider feet and lower legs. When you come to try them on please bring your own socks or buy a new pair. Boot fit performance, comfort and warmth are highly related to being in the right sock. Do you know that thinner socks are warmer than thick socks? They wick moisture into the liner better than heavy socks.