Armada ARV 96 Skis 2022

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Armada has stayed true to form with the updated ARV 96. It takes a much heavier ski to be more durable, and it takes a real noodly ski to be more playful. Built with extra thiccc edges because Armada knows what you're doing with them, a Poplar/Ash wood core to keep it powerful yet light, and thinned out tips and tails to minimize swing weight. The ARV is ready to throw your first 3, stomp that cork 7 you've been working, or appease your folks with a "family lap" before ducking into the woods "accidentally". No skier with an itch for fun will have a bad day on these.


Poplar/Ash Core: Blend of lightweight poplar, reinforced by stiff ash makes the ARV a responsive, lively park ski that still grips like an all mountain ski needs to 

AR75 Sidewall: Full sidewall construction for precise, powerful edge hold that thins out towards to tip to keep swing weight down. 

2.5 Impact Edge: Aggressively thick 2.5mm edges..... not that you'd be giving them repeated impacts....


Dimensions(mm): 125 Tip / 96 Waist / 117 Tail @177cm Length

Construction: Poplar/Ash Wood Core, AR75 Full Sidewall

Turn Radius: 19m @177cm length

Weight: 1850g @177cm Length

Ski Profile: Directional Twin; Rockered tip, Cambered underfoot, Rockered Tail

Ability Level: Intermediate - Expert

Best For & Perfect Pairings 

Freestyle skiers and who need a real weapon for the park but can keep things interesting everywhere else. 

Recommended Bindings:

Look Pivot 14 GW Binding: A staple of aggressive all mountain skiers and freeriders alike. Multidirectional release for safety and short mounting zone for natural ski flex.

Marker Griffon 13 ID Binding: Marker's tried and true construction updated to be lighter yet stiffer. 

Salomon Warden 13 MNC Binding: Salomon's wide platform for maximum lateral power transmission. MNC (Multi-Norm Certified) compatible with every DIN Alpine sole.

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