Armada ARV 86 Skis 2023

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The Armada ARV 86 is ready to hit your first park lap or your 400th. Thicc edges, reinforced wood core and a full sidewall are packed into this so no matter where on the mountain you end up, you'll be ready. Smacking rails? Easy. Hitting the 50 footer? No problem. Taking a groomer lap after eating s#%& on the 50 footer? The ARV 86 will do that too. 


Poplar/Ash Core: Blend of lightweight poplar, reinforced by stiff ash makes the ARV a responsive, lively park ski that still grips like an all mountain ski needs to 

AR75 Sidewall: Full sidewall construction for precise, powerful edge hold that thins out towards to tip to keep swing weight down. 

2.5 Impact Edge: Aggressively thick 2.5mm edges..... not that you'd be giving them repeated impacts....


Dimensions(mm): 116 Tip / 86 Waist / 110 Tail @177cm Length

Construction: Poplar/Ash Wood Core, AR75 Full Sidewall

Turn Radius: 18m @177cm length

Weight: 1600g @177cm Length

Ski Profile: Directional Twin; Rockered tip, Cambered underfoot, Rockered Tail

Ability Level: Intermediate - Expert

Best For & Perfect Pairings 

Park skiers who need a nimble lightweight twin tip to push their boundaries.