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FK Race Multi Edge Sharpener 2019



Description: The Ruffalo FK Multi Tuner is one we have used for over 20 years. A single tool that can sharpen and bevel the side edge and base edges. Dial a precise angle from .5° to 5° in 1/2 degree increments. Works on all ski and snowboards. Comes with a file but a diamond stone may be used as well.

  • This popular and precise tool bevels ski base and side bevel edges (although not simultaneously) from 0° to 5° in .5° increments. 
  • It includes a 2.75" steel mill file, which is inserted vertically in the tool to work on side edges, and horizontally for base edges. 
  • Small enough for travel, but robust enough for daily tuning.
  • Very easy to use.
  • The tool will accomodate any of the 2.75" (70mm) files or stones

Best for: Keeping your edges sharp and free from burrs. If you only want one simple tool this one is the best.