The Best Ski and Snowboard Tune for rails and parks!!

Grinding rails and other park tricks is safer and easier if your skis are dull in front of and behind your bindings. Some like the skis dulled from tip to tail. We will make the skis the way you want them. We recommend moderate dulling.  Buy a diamond stone and a gummy stone. Keep them with you while skiing and you can increase the dulling to where it feels perfect. 

For the park and rails brand new skis are too sharp. Tell us how you would like the edges prepared when we mount them for you.  Also, me sure to tell us where you want the bindings mounted. Many park skiers like their skis center mounted or at least forward of conventional mounting points.

The following video shows how you can do it yourself.

How to De-tune Your Skis For The Park from Brian Walker on Vimeo.

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